Drag Racing, launch control function
Single button press for Drag Racing mode. In this mode, display shows "Drag Racing". Step on the accelerator lightly gives you full power for even faster response. Suitable for drag racing in controlled environment, not for use on the street.

Anti skid function
High powered vehicles will easily skid on wet, muddy or snow covered ground whilst starting off which may send the vehicle out of control. Therfore Shadow especially aided anti-skid function in E-drive Advance 4 lets the driver control the vehicle easily on slippery ground.

Anti-theft function
Put the E-drive Advance 4 into anti-theft mode with a simple set up. Under this mode, the display is off and throttle is locked. Vehicle can't be moved even if thieves manage to start the engine successfully.
With this function, more protection is offered to your vehicle.

E-drive Advance 2 is to control the electronic throttle by stepping on pedal and can be corresponding to most vehicle models.

  1. Po mode : suitable for mountain & racing in very sensitive throttling
  2. Ec mode : suitable for driving in city within economic fuel consumption
  3. 3 modes in 17 steps: (Po 9 steps, Nor single step, Ec 7 steps)
  4. Easy to install by specialized fitting

Users can install this device by themselves. No need to cut the original wires of cars, just by using the corresponding plug to join the wires to get more house powers.

Exquisite Controller & Display
Exquisite controller & Display to offer four modes to adjusted, also show the efficiency of engine. Let users have dual feeling of performance and quality at the same time.

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